Tickets Available for May 15th Event

Our next event is just a scant 7 days after Mothers Day.  Invite your Mom, or come with your friends or loved ones.

This time, we’re changing things up. We’ll still be serving up 3-courses of light, springy, vegan food, but we’re lowering the price point: Tickets will be $15 each. The event will take place during the day, around lunchtime (2PM). We’re also moving to a new, more pastoral location, which will be be a big surprise, and announced to guests only.

Tickets to the Burnside Fountain make a perfect gift for Veg*n Moms. If you pre-order tickets before Mother’s Day, we’ll send you a custom, printable invitation to give to your Mom of Choice for the holiday.

Our tentative menu will be announced sometime next week, so stay tuned. Tickets are available by reservation only, and space is limited. To purchase tickets, please send an e-mail to with the number of tickets you’d like.

If you’re not convinced, check out some of our positive press.